Getting Your Feet to the Volleyball


Getting your feet to the ball is one of the most important things for a volleyball setter to learn how to do. It doesn’t matter how good your hands are if your feet aren’t near the ball. Reaching the ball ahead of time rather than just in the nick of time can make all the difference between a rushed, poor set and a planned, clean set. It all happens fast, but the more quickly you’re planted, the more time you give yourself to line up properly and make a sure decision on what you’re going to do with the ball.


Volleyball Setting Footwork

If you cannot get your feet in the right position, your hands will never have a chance to do what they are supposed to do. Movements should be quick and effective, made as early as possible with a read on the ball. In other words, as soon as you see where the pass is going, get there as quickly as possible. It is much better to be early than late. Your last two steps should always be left-right, with your right foot slightly in front of your left. Your hips should always be squared up to the outside antenna.

setting footwork

The footwork is the opposite of a normal, right-handed approach. The last two steps of setting steps are left-right. The right foot should always be the lead foot when setting from the perfect spot. If your right foot is the lead foot, even if you miss your set, the ball will be off the net rather than going too tight. Lastly, your hips will be behind your right foot on outside sets. For back sets, your hips will become forward on your right foot but arms are still only going straight up–the angle of your hips will help to push the ball back to the right side hitter.



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