Position: Libero

Role: Defense

Height Requirement: None

The libero’s primary job is defense, especially digging and passing. This player will wear a different colored jersey and often times goes in for the middle blockers in the back row. Depending on where you play, the libero may or may not be allowed to serve. The libero is also not allowed to overhand set a front row player in front of the ten-foot line. This player may come out at any time, but before going back in, they must wait for one play.

Passing Tips

Alicia Zamparelli, an AVP player, explains some of the basics of passing, including watching the bottom of the ball all the way into your platform.


Basic Passing Technique

Lafayette’s Brooke Niland, a defensive specialist, explains the basics of passing technique. Niland Earned four letters in volleyball, basketball and softball at Catholic High School of Point Coupee. She was named Outstanding Offensive Player (2004) and Most Valuable Player (2005) in volleyball and was a four-time All-District and All-Parish selection in volleyball.


Defensive Techniques

Salt Lake City coach Jonathan Neely explains the basics to volleyball defense. He emphasizes being low, weight on the toes, and being ready to move forward.


Rolling and Diving Technique

Again, coach Jonathan Neely explains how to dive for a ball. Staying low helps prevent injury.


Serving Basics

Two Texas A&M players show you the basic types of serving. This includes the underhand serve, the float serve, and the jump serve. If you want to be a good defensive specialist, you should aim to try to have a wicked serve.


Libero 191

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