When Other Things Affect Volleyball

Sometimes in life, things are going to happen that are outside of the realm of volleyball but still might affect your mental state. Family problems, stress in academics, and relationship issues are just a few examples of some of the things that might inadvertently affect game play. So how do you handle these situations?

Family Problems

Everyone has family problems at one point or another in their life. This might mean fighting with your siblings, your parents, or even the death of a relative. Depending on the situation, it is important to know that when you are practicing or playing a game, you have a new family: your team. And, you owe it to your team to be in the moment both mentally and physically.

When it comes to the death of a relative, know that mourning is a human emotion. But be sure that you let your coach and/or teammates know so that they might be able to comfort you and not take your emotions personally. If you do not tell anyone and act withdrawn all practice, others might think that you’re being rude to them when that is obviously not your intention at all.

Real Life Problems


Stress in Academics

Often times there will be situations where a big test or midterm is on your mind. In these situations, it is very important to wisely manage your time. All competitive sports are time-consuming; do not procrastinate. Get your work done early and make sure that you get your studying done over the course of a few days and not just the night before. Thinking about your midterm coming up during a game isn’t going to make you get a better grade–it is just going to make you play worse. Trust in yourself and your time-management skills so that you can focus on volleyball when you are playing.


Relationship Issues

The volleyball court is no place to be thinking about your significant other and any squabbles you may be having. When you lace up your shoes, all thoughts of your significant other need to be left OFF the court. When you take your shoes off again at the end of practice, you can resume your thoughts.

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