Warm-Up Drills

The following are some basic warm-up drills that you might like to use for your team.

  • Plyometric: Players perform approaches, defensive shuffling, blocking footwork, rolling, karaoke steps, power skips, high knees, skipping, frog jumps, and lastly stretching.
  • Short Court: Players must dig and set the ball inside the 10’ line. After a touch, they must sprint to the back line and then run back before they are able to touch a ball again.

  • Pass and Sprint: Players form two lines across from each other in single file from sideline to sideline. After someone passes, they sprint to the other side and get ready to pass a ball again. When your players get warmed up enough, have them pepper instead of simply passing.

  • Ball Control: Players line up on the volleyball end line. They go from one end line to the other passing, setting, one-hand passing, alternating passing and setting, etc. This will help the players build ball control very quickly. If they let a ball drop, have them do five push-ups.
  • Tag Team: Similar to short court. Plays must be made in front of the 10’ line. After a player has contacted the ball, they must sprint back to where their teammates are and tag one of them to allow them to come onto the court.

  • Reverse Short Court: Players may make plays anywhere on the court, but after each time they touch the ball, they must run and touch the net before they can touch the ball again.

  • Cross-Court Pepper: A controlled game of pepper in which the players are trying to keep the ball alive for a set number of plays. All players rotate, forcing everyone to use all of their skills.


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