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Below is a list of frequently asked questions about volleyball knee pads. Don’t see your question? Contact us and we will add it into the page with our answer!

Should I wear knee pads?
Volleyball U recommends wearing knee pads at all levels and for both genders for one main reason: you never know what debris might be on the court (or fall onto the court during a play). The metal part of a hair tie, a bobby pin, a staple, or even a small rock can all can cause game-ending injuries. Additionally, your knees are very important in volleyball with all of the sprinting, running, and jumping that happens. It is important to have them protected. Obviously, some players prefer to play without knee pads and in the end it is your own personal decision.

What brand should I get for my first pair of knee pads?
Look for brands that have more padding, especially for younger or beginning players. We recommend the ASICS Unisex Slider Kneepad as they provide both protection and comfort. Your first brand of knee pads should probably not be one described as “low-profile” as those knee pads have less padding. The thicker ones might be more bulky but they provide more protection for learning players.

My knee pads are too tight. What can I do to stretch them out?
If you get knee pads that are too tight, consider stretching them around your volleyball shoes (or any other large shoe or object) overnight. Additionally, avoid putting them in the dryer on high heat as this may cause them to shrink.

Knee Pad on Shoe Pin


My knee pads are too loose. What can I do to tighten them?
Unfortunately, your options are limited when it comes to tightening knee pads. Some players have had success in bringing them to a seamstress who can add a few more threads to the top and bottom, therefore tightening them. However, it might be easier to just buy another pair considering that there are several good brands and makes that can be purchased for under $20. See the bottom of this page for Volleyball U’s recommendations.

What can I do to stop my knee pads from smelling bad?
Wash your knee pads frequently and dry them on high heat to kill any smell-causing bacteria. We don’t recommend using sprays on your knee pads as these could irritate your skin while you play. Another option is to put your knee pads in the freezer overnight. Many of the bacteria that cause smells cannot survive freezing temperatures.

Which brand of knee pad is best?
Different players prefer different knee pads. One that works for a libero may not work as well for a middle blocker. Additionally, different brands come in different sizes. Check out our table with many popular knee pad brands along with a product description and a review from us, Volleyball U.

Knee PadsProduct DescriptionVolleyballU Comments
ASICS Ace Low Profile Knee Pad
Stay protected with less bulk with the New Ace low-profile kneepad from Asics. This adult kneepad is a one-size-fits most design. When measured around the knee, it is built to fit 12" - 18".Although tight at first, the ASICS Ace Low Profile Knee Pads quickly stretch out to fit your legs. They are said to be very comfortable and offer great support and protection for knees.
ASICS Competition 3.0G Volleyball Kneepads
These are ortholite volleyball kneepads that contain kintetofoam. 7 1/2-inch sleeve, ultra low profile.These kneepads are said to run very tight, so be sure you buy a size larger than you think you need. The padding is said to be adequate for younger players but may not provide enough padding for older athletes.
ASICS Unisex Slider Kneepad

Now available in Pink and Columbia blue. Features: economically priced, engineered flex zones, full coverage (9-1/2" sleeve). One size fits most.These knee pads are thicker than some of the other, low-profile models. However, they provide great protection for your knees. They are recommended for liberos and defensive specialists (or other players who hit the floor a lot).
Mikasa Advanced Competition Kneepads
Save your knees the next time you're playing. Our knit elastic sleeve protects the knees from strawberries and direct trauma. Also makes it easier to knee slide for that tough dig off the floor. The Mikasa Advanced Competition Kneepads are low profile and fit younger players very well. They absorb sweat and impact pretty well.
Mikasa Youth Volleyball Knee Pad
The Mikasa Youth Volleyball Knee Pad does more than protect your knees from bump and scratches. This exceptional volleyball knee padding both fights Staph infection and eliminates odor! Jump, serve and spike in comfort with this innovative Mikasa sports knee pad! Surprisingly enough, these knee pads are said to run a bit large. They offer good flexibility, protection, and are said to be quite comfortable.
Mizuno LR6 Volleyball Kneepad

The Mizuno LR6 Kneepad features VS-1 padding for complete protection, and the DF Cut pad which provides greater freedom of movement. These knee pads are very low-profile and do not restrict your range of motion. They are good for older, more experienced athletes. They tend to run small, so buy a size larger than you think you need.
Mizuno T10 Volleyball Kneepad
The Mizuno T10 Kneepad is a one size, slim profile kneepad that features five separate contoured padded sections for maximum protection. Many younger athletes like the Mizuno T10 knee pads. Some older (or taller) players may find them too tight at first and might need to stretch them out. Regardless, these provide good protection.
Mizuno VS-1 Volleyball Kneepad
The Mizuno VS-1 Kneepad utilizes VS-1 padding for increased protection, and the DF Cut provides superior fit without the bulk. The VS-1 also features the Mizuno Intercool ventilation system which reduces the heat and humidity build-up inside the kneepad. Some players complain that these knee pads do not provide enough protection, but many find them adequate. They are high-quality and tend to last for a while compared to other similar knee pads.
nahdeh Volleyball Knee Pads

When diving on the ground, the nahdeh SKP-1000 Premium Knee Pad will absorb and redistribute the energy instead of your knees.According to reviews, these are some of the best knee pads on the market. They provide all-around protection and comfort while still being low-profile. Their sizes run pretty standard as well, so no need to buy a size up or down.
Nike Essentials Volleyball Knee Pad
The Nike Essentials VB Knee Pads low profile ergonomic high density protective foam pad and simplified outer design allows for a minimalistic and streamlined look. Length: 6.7", Width: 6.25." Improved outer knit stands up to high level play. Improved interior Dri-Fit liner is more comfortable. The Nike Essentials VB Knee Pads are said to run extra small, so you might want to consider buying a few sizes up to make sure they will fit. They are low-profile and said to provide adequate protection.
Tachikara TK Smash Black Volleyball Knee Pads
Tachikara TK Smash Junior Knee Pad is ideal for the beginner and recreational player. Cotton sleeve with segmented foam construction for comfort and flexibility. One size fits most all juniors. Although the knee pads provide adequate protection, some people have had problems with the sizing. Additionally, some players find them almost too bulky.
Tachikara Zebra Knee Pads
Protect your knees with wild style thanks to the Tachikara® Zebra knee pads! They feature quality cotton sleeves and segmented foam padding. These knee pads are more for beginners and thus are pretty thick. They offer excellent protection for beginning athletes but do not slide very well.

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