Commitments Other Than Volleyball

We all have busy lives. There will be many situations that arise where volleyball might conflict with other things in your life. What should you do in these situations?

Academic Conflicts

Many times, especially for younger players, academics will often overlap with athletics. As a rule of thumb, academics should always come before athletics. However, there might be situations where you need to miss a class or an assignment because of a tournament or game. Be sure to inform your teachers or professors as early as possible and make sure that you make up any missed assignments.

Busy Volleyball

Social Conflicts

Social conflicts (like dates and concerts) should not be an issue if you are a serious volleyball player. It is unacceptable to miss a game for a concert or a party. If you must go to a social event, be sure to leave at a reasonable hour so that you can get enough rest and be ready for the game or tournament the next day.

If you are going to miss a practice, it is still not recommended to prioritize social affairs over athletic ones. If you decide that you must miss a practice for a social event, do not expect to start or even play in the next competition.



Depending on the severity of your illness, you might have to miss a practice or a game. However, having the sniffles is not a good enough reason to miss practice. Talk to your athletic trainer or doctor regarding more serious illnesses. The following illnesses are appropriate to miss athletics for, but be sure to let your coach know beforehand:

  • highly contagious illness (pink eye, mono, the flu, etc.)
  • illnesses that leave you weak or incapacitated (food poisoning, vomiting, lyme disease, etc.)
  • coughing up non-clear fluid or mucus
  • a high fever

Having a slight cold, a runny nose, the sniffles, or just not feeling great are not valid reasons to miss practice or games.

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