Serving Specialist

Position: Serving Specialist

Role: Offense and Defense

Height Requirement: None

The serving specialist’s primary job is to come into the game and serve either aces or tough balls, and then play defense in the back row for the duration of the play. Often these players have a very high ace to error ratio, are consistent servers, and make the opposing team out of system with a tough serve.

Basic Passing Technique

Basic passing technique is not very complicated, but it takes a lot of repetition to get it done right. Weight should always be slightly forward and you should never swing your arms.


Basic Serving Technique

Kenzie Aries explains basic serving technique. Aries played at Pomona-Pitzer, where she was on three Top-1o lists (assists, digs, and block assists). Aries was named 2007 first team All-CIF San Diego County by three different groups – The San Diego Union Tribune, a local TV station and by San Diego CIF volleyball coaches. To learn more, please visit her website at


Serving for Beginners

Coach Patricia Siedlik of Bellevue University instructs on how to practice serving a volleyball. This is meant for beginners.

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