Social Media Information

Once your information is made public to collegiate coaches, know that these coaches will be looking through all of your social media pages to learn more about the real you. The same thing happens in job interviews. Make sure that your social media pages do not include anything that could be perceived as inappropriate. Remember that sometimes your friends will tag you in situations that you might not want a college coach to see!

Be sure you check on all of your social media pages before you send out your resume to college coaches.


Absolutely Not on Any of Your Pages

  • Illegal or illicit substances
  • Pictures or talk of criminal activity (graffiti, shoplifting, etc.)
  • Alcohol (if you are underage)
  • Overly sexual content
  • Posts bad-mouthing your teams or coaches
  • Inappropriate gestures (middle finger to the camera, pulling a Miley Cyrus, etc.)

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