2/15/2015 – Transferring Schools in NCAA Volleyball

Should athletes who transfer between be allowed to play the very next season without a waiting period? High-profile player transfers, especially in volleyball, are occurring more and more often. This article talks about All-American middle blocker Briana Holman’s decision to leave her scholarship at LSU in order to transfer to Nebraska. Currently, LSU is denying her transfer exception which would force her to sit out a season before she is able to compete for the Huskers.

Although there have been many high-profile athlete transfers in the past, this raises the question about whether athletes should be penalized for transferring schools by having to sit out a year, as is common in many other NCAA sports. When an athlete decides to transfer, there are many repercussions for the program as a whole–especially for LSU in this case. They are losing their All-American middle blocker. When a program loses such an impact player, it is often hard for them to recover and their record suffers for a few subsequent seasons before they are able to recruit another awesome player.

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