Being a Leader on the Volleyball Court

The setter is the quarterback of the team. Without him/her, the offense would just wither away. A setter needs to be vocal about everything (calling out hitters on the other team, type of serve, etc.). Anything that gets the setter more involved in the game and more vocal is good.

As a setter, if you dig a ball and need someone else to set the second ball, call out the name of the person you want to set the ball and where you want them to set the ball (i.e. “Jessica! Set the outside!” or “Nora! Set the pipe!”). Be direct, loud, and clear. Your voice should be a command, not a request. As a setter, it is YOUR job to run the offense. If you are taken out of the offense by a dig, you still need to be an active participant. Additionally, if there is a bad pass, you need to call out the person’s name you wish to take the second ball.

vballAnything within the first green circle you must be able to get to if you want to be a good setter. You should be able to get to anything in the yellow circle if you want to be a great setter. Anything outside that realm, however, the name of a player on your team who has a better angle on the ball should be called.

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