Basic Rotations

These diagrams show the basic rotations for volleyball. Some teams will mix up the rotations and where players are on the court, but for the most part, these are the basics. MB1 and MB2 are the middle blockers, L is libero, S is setter, OH1 and OH2 are the outside hitters, and RS is the right side.

Rotation 1: Many teams put their setter in the right back position to start off a game. This rotation is known as Rotation 1. The front row has all hitters, and the setter is back row.

Rotation 2: The setter is in the middle back position in Rotation 2. There are three hitters in the front row.

Rotation 3: The setter is in the left back position now. There are still three hitters in the front row, but notice that the libero has gone in for MB1. MB2 now comes into the front row.

Rotation 4: The setter moves to the front row, which means there are now only two front row attackers.

Rotation 5: The setter is still in the front row, so there are only two attackers.

Rotation 6: The setter is in the right front position. Notice that MB2 is out and MB1 is back in.


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