Funny Volleyball Team Names

Here are some funny team name ideas for your recreational leagues!

Beavis & Bump-Head
Block or Bleed
This Won’t Take Long
Block Magic
Block Market
Two Blocks Away
Acme Roofing
Hit the Roof
Hit and Miss
The Triple Hits
Take a Hit
By the Balls
The Sandeaters
The Sand Slingers
The Blazing Sunburns
The Bumping Maniacs
Power Tippers
Heads in the Sand
Hit Me
Passing Fancy
Spiked Punch
Set for Life
Serves You Right
Vertically Challenged
World Domination
Pure Energy
Dig It
Death from Above
Set to Kill
Straight Down
Blue Balls
Bride Of Shankenstein
Bump Set
Bump Uglies
Cardable Sins
Court Jesters
Arm and Hammer
Dig This!
That Hurt?
Diggin’ and Swingin’
Dirty Half Dozen
Itsy Bitsy Spiker
Joy of Sets
Karch Potatoes
Mass Spikes
Mikasa Es Su Casa
Monster Spikes
Killer Serves
Net Assets
Net Results
Net Servers
Ball Control
No Scrubs
Notorious D.I.G.
Orville Ready-Blocker
Over One Million Served
Over the Top
Spin Doctors
Planet Volleywood
Cheap Spikes and Dinks
Safe Sets
Sand Blasters
Sand Storm
Six Packs
In Your Face
Scared Hitless
Hit for Brains
Hit-eating Grinners
Hitting Bricks
Shoot the Hits
A Case of the Hits
See Ya
Serving The Lord
Set To Kill
Sets on The Beach
Setting Ducks
Caution: Low Roof
Sloppy Sets
We Need Sets
Team Ibuprofen
The Blair Hits Project
The Sure Shank Redemption
The Uncardables
The Volley Lama
Thinks That Go Bump
Diggers with Attitudes
To Kill a Blocking Nerd
Wanted for Malicious Kills
We Always get it Up
Weak Side Story
Welcome to the Block Party
Will Work For Sets
Kinky Sets

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