The Difference Between Being a Setter and Knowing How to Set

You’ve probably been to some open gyms before, or some pick-up games on the beach, and seen some people who have reasonably good hands. They can set a good ball to their hitters with very little spin. So, what is the difference between someone who can set and an actual setter?

A person who can set will probably not double-contact very often, and will also give their hitters reasonably good sets here and there.

A setter is someone who not only sets, but gives their hitter consistent sets. A setter thinks a few plays ahead and is always picking apart the opponents’ defense. Where are the smaller blockers? Where do your hitters have the best chance of scoring? Furthermore, a  setter is the quarterback of the team. They run the offense and they make sure to set their team up for the best chance of success every play.

Ask yourself, can you set or are you a setter?

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