Club Volleyball

Club volleyball is becoming more and more important for developing student-athletes if you are looking to end up playing volleyball in college. Year-round training is essential for learning the fundamentals and more advanced techniques of play in volleyball.

Volleyball U Club Guide

What is club volleyball?
Club volleyball is similar to any other club sport in that it is not affiliated with a high school athletics program. Club coaches have more time compared to school season to work with athletes on honing their skills. Be sure to select a coach who will make you or your student-athlete better because you will be dealing with that coach for six months or more. Read our article on How to Choose a Club Volleyball Coach.

When does club volleyball season occur?
Club season for girls typically runs after school season ends (around November) through summertime (around June). For boys, club season tryouts often start in August. They take a pause during boys’ high school season (around February through early May) and then then resume during the summertime again through June.

How do I choose which club to play for? 
Picking a club to play for can be a huge decision for many student-athletes and families. Club volleyball can be a huge burden financially and requires a large amount of time commitment, including many practices per week and several long tournaments. Read our article on Selecting a Club Team.

How much does club volleyball cost?
Although club volleyball can be a financial commitment, many clubs offer different levels of teams that vary in cost and commitment. Depending on the area you are in, the cost of a club team can vary greatly. The following are descriptions of club team levels from cheapest to most expensive.

  • Local Teams: Local teams are often for younger players (12’s-14’s) and the teams typically do not travel very far or very often to compete in tournaments. Tournaments are often held in nearby playing sites against other local teams. Tournaments typically last only one day. Practice schedules are often lighter as well, usually around once or twice a week.
  • Regional Teams: Regional teams are common at all age levels. These teams travel to many places in the region you are in to compete in tournaments (usually at least one to two tournaments per month). Practices are often 2-3 times per week, not including weekend tournaments that can last for several days.
  • Premier/National Level Teams: These teams usually have the best athletes and require the highest level of commitment. Teams travel all over the country to participate in huge tournaments that last several days (and sometimes up to a week). Practices are often 2-3 times per week with additional workouts either before or after practice.

How many clubs are out there?
There are literally thousands of volleyball clubs in the United States. VolleyballU has started compiling a list of Girls Junior Volleyball Club Teams and Boys Junior Volleyball Club Teams by state. If you are unsure of which club is right for you, ask coaches and other players in the area.

Can I find a list of all the club volleyball tournaments somewhere?
Currently, there is not one single site that shows all of the club tournaments. VolleyballU is working on putting together a comprehensive list of all the big tournaments in the United States. There are hundreds of tournaments, including Boys Junior Club Volleyball Tournaments and Girls Junior Club Volleyball Tournaments. Please note that the list is under construction.

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